QuickCa$h ATM Network Louisville, KY

About Us . . .




Locally Owned and Operated !           


QuickCash ATM Network offers ATM machine placements at no charge, so that business owners like you can maximize profit and better serve your customers. Whether you’re running a hotel, shopping mall, convenience store or special event, we can provide the ATM machines that best suit your venue and traffic volume.

Because we are an independent ATM service provider and are not associated with any Bank or Financial Institution, we can pay you a commission on EVERY cash withdrawal from our ATM equipment.


With our Full-Service Placement program, QuickCash ATM Network will provide you with :


* ATM machine appropriate for your space and traffic volume

   * Regular cash replenishment services

* ATM supplies including paper, ink and signage

   * Regular ATM machine repair and maintenance

* 24-hour technical support and monitoring

   * E-mail monitoring of ATM equipment to prevent downtime



For more information regarding QuickCash ATM Network, please contact:


                        Gary Matheis at (502) 472-6622 or e-mail : quickcash@mac.com