QuickCa$h ATM Network Louisville, KY

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Premier ATM Services Provider

With a QuickCash® ATM machine on your premises, you will provide a valuable and convenient service to your customers. In addition, you can greatly reduce your monthly credit card fees and eliminate ever taking a personal check. Our ATMs now process EBT and other benefits cards including H&R Block and Jackson-Hewitt income tax refunds.

Our program would place our “mini-ATM” machines in your location at no expense to you. Our lobby units measure only 18”x24” and are completely self contained . The ATM user would be charged a convenience fee to withdraw cash from the machine.

In addition to providing cash to your customers, QuickCash Network will pay you a commission on every cash withdrawal from the ATM !

We currently operate over 100 ATM locations in Metro Louisville and Southern Indiana.

We monitor our equipment 24 hours a day and provide both night and weekend service.